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Editing Services

We offer two levels of editing expertise. Choose the option that fits your needs and budget.

Proofreading Package checks for:

Editing Package, Includes everything in the Proofreading Package, and also checks:

Manuscript Size Proofreading Full Editing
Fewer than
50 pages*
$150 $250
51-199 pages $250 $350
200-399 pages $350 $450
400-499 pages $450 $550
500+ pages Individual pricing Individual pricing

*Based on the number of 12-point, double-spaced pages—Times New Roman, Arial or Courier

Final Draft Partners is not an agency or an acquiring publishing house. However, because we whole-heartedly believe in helping produce high quality books that reflect integrity in electronic self-publishing, we reserve the right to turn down any project we believe is not fully ready for publication.


Formatting & Cover Design Services

Cover Design:    You supply any photos or images you want included on your cover. Your photo(s) must be at least 300dpi for anything that will be printed. Smaller sizes are okay for digital-only books.

Your printer or publisher will tell you their specifications for final art-dimensions for print books or other items.

$25  for digital cover: jpg formatted for Createspace

$75 for print cover: front, back, spine pdf

$25 for 3D version: png for display on your website

$100 Package Deal (all three versions)

Package includes initial mockups of two designs and two rounds of revision, for cover art suited for publication in both print and electronic media formats.

There is an hourly charge for further revisions beyond the initial two mockups and two rounds of revision.

Digital: Smashwords or Amazon's Digital Platform: starting at $45, for formatting a standard text. Extra charges for images or complex requirements such as lists, tables, charts, etc.

Print on Demand: CreateSpace, Lulu and other POD: $45 basic charge for formatting to pdf suitable for print. Extra charges for images or complex requirements such as lists, tables, charts, etc.

Package Deal: We offer a 10% discount for clients who order cover design, editing and formatting services at the same time. Multi-document package deals are also available.

Cover Design Questionnaire

Editing Price Sheet

How the formatting process works

Formatting for Print on Demand (POD) publishers such as Createspace or Lulu and formatting for e-books are two different propositions.

Formatting for POD publishers includes providing a single pdf file of the text formatted to fit the publisher's design specifications for whatever size/dimension book you request. The cover design will be a separate pdf file. During the book-creation process, the publisher will ask you to upload each of these two files.

You provide us with the basic information for your book (dimensions, paper type, (check the options available through your publisher)), any special requirements - such italicized text, added images, header and footer information - and the text file (.rtf or .doc format).

When the formatted files are ready for your POD publisher, we return them to you to upload via your Createspace, Lulu or other account, so you retain complete control of your book.

We, or your cover artist if you use a different art provider, supply you with a properly sized pdf version of the artwork (according to POD publisher specifications). In order to do this we, or they will need a final page count to determine the space to allow for the book spine; therefore text formatting should be completed before finalizing the art file.

Some POD publishers, such as Createspace will provide an ISBN in the course of your book creation process, but you'll need to provide it to your cover artist before the art is final, so plan on starting the book-creation process and saving it while the art is finalized.

For digital books, the cover art will need to resized and formatted for the smaller screens. If you purchase our other services, you will get a discount on reformatting the cover art.

The POD publisher has a review process and will provide feedback if there's a problem with anything like margins or cover art. Allow time in your production schedule for the feedback and modification process.