5/1997 - 9/30/1999

I am very sad to announce the passing of a wonderful companion-animal: my cat, Guy. Yesterday morning he was struck down on the street in front of our home. His body was found by a woman who brought it to Cedar Pet Clinic, where he was identified by his tag. My room-mate, Jill, and I buried him under the lilacs behind the house where he lived his whole life. I'm sure that all those who knew him will miss him, as I do.

Guy was only two and a half years old. He always thrived on affection, and, like a puppy, was there to greet me at the door when I got home from work. His favorite passtime was sitting in windows or under the lilacs where he pursued his career as a naturalist, studying the habits of birds and squirrels. He also enjoyed handicrafts: assisting my room-mate with her cross-stitch projects, and supervising while I did beadwork or graphics.

Guy always wore a neat gray suit with white shirt front - in the form of his medium-long fur. He had a white muzzle and nose, expressive amber eyes and the friendliest disposition of any cat I've kept. His presence in my life was a joy.

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Guy was known for his exemplary disposition. He shared everything he had with his friend Emily, and graciously shared his food with homeless strays. If cats have nine lives I pray that Guy's next eight will be long and full; his warmth and good character made the world a better place.

Guy's friend, Emily has her own page:

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is owned by Mr. Guy
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