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Laramie Sasseville, Publisher and Book Designer for Wild Culture Press, graduated with her BA in Studio Arts from Wellesley College and went on to study Desktop Publishing at the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. She has independently published novels, collections of short stories, novellas, and poetry and non-fiction including coloring books and a childrens’ how-to book. Her experience includes formatting books for freelance clients - fiction and non-fiction alike. She brings her love of books to her role in designing covers for Wild Culture Press.

We whole-heartedly believe in helping produce high quality books that reflect integrity in electronic self-publishing.

Our Catalog

Laramie Sasseville Fiction: Middle Grade Fantasies
'The Winter Knife' / 'One of Me is Missing'/ 'Wedding the Wind'

The Winter Knife / One of Me is Missing / Wedding the Wind

Minnesota Strange Series - tales of the fantastic set in Minnesota

Laramie Sasseville Nonfiction
'Four Easy Bookmark Projects for Kids'

Four Easy Bookmark Projects for Kids / Mudra Coloring Book / A Discordian Coloring Book
'Mudra Coloring Book'
'A Discordian Coloring Book'
(plus Deluxe edition)

Naomi Stone
winner of the Midwest Fiction Writers' Rising Star Award 2017

The Fairy Godmothers' Union series:
'Granted Wishes'
(an omnibus including the short story collections, 'Three Wishes,' 'More Wishes,' and bonus story, 'Fair Play')

Granted Wishes

'Wonder Guy'

Wonder Guy

'Holiday Enchantment: Thanksgiving'

Holiday Enchantment: Thanksgiving

Naomi Stone
winner of the Midwest Fiction Writers' Rising Star Award 2017

Team Guardian Adventures:

Team Guardian adventures
'Sweet Mercy'
'Safe Haven'
'Shining Hope'

'Team Guardian' (an omnibus of all three novellas)

Stand Alone novels


Jolie Sasseville, posthumous winner of the Minnesota Book Award
'Stone Windows' a collection of poetry

Stone Windows

Naomi Stone with Lizbeth Selvig
'Clockwork Whalers'

Clockwork Whalers

We will prepare your manuscript for e-publishing by providing you with professional book cover art and formatting for print on demand and such e-readers as Kindle, Nook, Apple and other devices.

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