Jewelmarks, Jewelry for your Books:

These Jewelmarks are no longer available for sale, but please enjoy viewing them by clicking on the links to the left.

Bookmarks as Functional Art

To me, bookmarks are magic! They mark the place where the world of the story intersects the world in which I live, the place where the world of the mind meets the world of the senses. To me, this place is marvelous and magical and very, very cool. This is what I get passionate about. The magic place should be honored, celebrated, made a focus of attention.

These bookmarks are greatly varied in form and style; each is a unique work of art, with a character of its own. Some are simpler and more serviceable for daily use, some are lavish and better suited for use with books of special significance: favorite reference books, the family Bible, a classic volume of historic significance. Some styles are suitable to serve also as jewelry for the reader as well as for the book.








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