A Full Range of Graphic Design Services

by Laramie Sasseville, at reasonable rates
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For Print and Internet Media


Newsletters You supply the (spell-checked) copy and artwork; I'll supply the print-ready pdf, Word or InDesign file. (on CD or by internet transfer.) Starting at $75 for a 4 page (single fold tabloid sheet) newsletter.

Need the artwork? Letterheads, Logos and Illustrations sstarting at $100 (Free consultation, but there is a surcharge for additional modifications after approval of the initial draft)

Brochures and Catalogs: prices vary according to the size of the project. contact me to set up a free consultation.

Photo 'Doctoring' - Do you have treasured family photos that have been damaged, seemingly beyond saving? Let me have a look at them, and I will give you my diagnosis. Many faded, cracked, spotted, marred and discolored photographs can be saved. Starting at $25.

Photo Scanning $100 per 100 photos: I will scan and format for both print and web display, and save them to CD, safe from mold, mildew, water damage and other risks to printed photos. Flash-based, PowerPoint, or HTML-based presentation packages are also available.

Business Cards and other promotional materials (postcards, mailers, flyers) You supply copy and artwork, I supply print-ready .pdf, jpeg, PhotoShop or InDesign files on disk or via internet transfer. Starting from $25 (for one-sided black and white business card). Contact me for a free consultation.


Brochures and Catalogs

Business Cards, etc.
and other promotional materials (postcards, mailers, flyers) .

Photo Scanning

Photo 'Doctoring'

In the Twin Cities Area call 651-646-2309

Email: Laramie at Dreamspell dot net

I look forward to hearing about your project!

Please allow me to help you make it a reality!



Website Design

Do you need graphic design for your existing website? Help in establishing a website from the ground up? I can supply Design, Style Sheets, and web graphic, smaintenance packages, including formatting your existing artwork for display in a web browser, but do not provide database functionality or advanced interactivity. Basic web-presence packages available starting from $95.


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