Politically Correct Mama

( lyrics by Laramie Sasseville)

Mama don't 'low no bitchin' and moanin' 'round here. (2x)
Well I don't care what mama don't 'low:
Everyone's a critic anyhow!
Mama don't 'low no bitchin' and moanin' 'round here.

G - - - / - - - D7 / G - C - / G D7 - G
Mama don't 'low:
No confrontations behind her back, anyhow -
No negativity there's no point and we're all gonna die, anyhow -
No snotty elitism I'm better than that, anyhow -
No vanity I love mine, anyhow -
No greediness . I don't want it all, I just want the best!
No pedantry She's an archetypal icon of the universal urge for comfort, security and control in the material world, anyhow -
No death and destruction I'll have my steak bloody rare -
No name-calling she's the epitome of Evil, anyhow -
No petty resentments this is just another case of how she's always putting me down, anyhow
No Paganry what's that old witch know, anyhow -
No having fun we'll make fun of her, anyhow -
No sexiness it's under wraps, anyhow -
No yelling and screaming we'll call it music, anyhow -
No selfishness let her sing her own song, anyhow -

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