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Now together in one volume: all eight short stories from the files of the Fairy Godmothers' Union:
Granted Wishes

Thanksgiving (Holiday Enchantment series, #1)

Thanksgiving cover art

Worlds apart - until the enchantment kicks in...

In this tale based on the classic myth of Cupid & Psyche, Helen, two years widowed, decides to move on with her life and sends a letter of farewell to her late husband's email account. Then she gets a reply. The sender claims she's the one who died. Helen's ready to risk everything to be reunited - crossing alternate dimensions, guided by fairy godmother magic and an enchanted GPS - but Jeff doesn't believe in miracles or magic and his doubts may leave her lost in a limbo between worlds.

The series was inspired in recognition of the many single women friends I've known who have made successful lives on their own, and qhodeserve love and conviviality over the holidays, even without families to join.

In the Holiday Enchantment series Five single women form a holiday club so they won't have to spend the traditional family celebrations alone. A little fairy godmother magic will change each of their lives forever. All five heroines have known loss - and have gone on to choose paths that affirm life and friendship and caring.

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Naomi Stone

Welcome! Here you can find out about the magical romances of Naomi Stone, what the stories are about, excerpts, and where they are available.

 My first crush was on Rocky the Flying Squirrel... I have a long history of crushes on imaginary characters, so I suppose it was only natural to start writing about imagined love interests such as the amazingly powerful djinni, Al-Marid, of 'Spirited,' and the lovable nerd-turned superhero, Greg of 'Wonder Guy,' - not to mention all the Talented superheroes of the Team Guardian series and the ordinary mortals touched by the magic of the Fairy Godmothers' Union. I hope you'll check them out between the pages of their books.

With strong interests in both genres, my next step was to concern myself with creating stories that could satisfy both the f/sf fan and the romantic in me. Not an easy task. I shuddered at the first 'cross-over' book I met - in which the science of the world-building could only be called ludicrous. I soon tired of vampires and dark, angtsy romances. I wanted imaginative, intelligent stories with a sense of fun as well as romance. When my f/sf fan friends tell me they don't usually read romances, but mine don't detract from the fantasy and adventure, and my romance reader friends tell me they don't usually read f/sf, but mine work as romances, I think I've succeeded.


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