Focus Two

Focus (2)

watercolor and encaustic; by Laramie Sasseville
copyright 1995

In these watercolor & encaustic paintings I strive to show the body as a vessel of light and energy.

Mudras are sacred postures for the hands, used in yoga and meditation. Buddhas, boddhisatvas, gods and goddesses are frequently depicted with their hands held in specific mudras. Yogis describe mudras as attitudes of energy flow linking prana with cosmic forces. There are thousands of nerves in the fingers and hands, linking to every part of the body, and mudras are believed to help activate and heal every part of the body.

This mudra, known as Gyan Mudra, takes one back to roots, clears the mind. When the index finger touches the thumb it signifies the passing of wisdom’s energy from teacher to student. It also represents the unity of the mother and child under the protection of the Triple Goddess who brings security, love and good fortune.

Focus (2)
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