Laramie Sasseville is a muliple-media artist residing in St Paul, Minnesota.

In these watercolor & encaustic paintings I strive to show the body as a vessel of light and energy.

Mudras are sacred postures for the hands, used in yoga and meditation. Buddhas, boddhisatvas, gods and goddesses are frequently depicted with their hands held in specific mudras. Yogis describe mudras as attitudes of energy flow linking prana with cosmic forces. There are thousands of nerves in the fingers and hands, linking to every part of the body, and mudras are believed to help activate and heal every part of the body.

All Right Mudra
Blessing Mudra
Warm Heart Cool Head
Focus One
Focus Two
Live Long and Prosper
Ring Around the Bogie
Rabbit Centering Kidding Supplication



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Made August 10, 2005
by Laramie Sasseville


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