Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I care for my beaded bookmark?

For maximum flexibility the beading is done with thread rather than wire. The bookmarks are not intended to stand up to rough handling, but are intended to be useful for light duty. The doubled thread passes at least twice through each bead; this is strong enough for most purposes, but won't stand up to determined abuse, and sometimes wears out naturally, rubbing on the edges of the natural stones used for some beads.

If a strand of beads breaks in normal use, save the beads and I will repair it for free (you pay only shipping.)

If the ribbon becomes soiled, soak in Woolite, rinse, and hang-dry. Ironing will take out creases.

How are the beaded bookmarks made?

Each bookmark is individually hand crafted, using fine materials including semi-precious stones. Every bookmark is made to an original design of the artisan.

Why make jewelry for books?

Laramie Sasseville has been an avid reader for many years, and loves good books, considering them one of the finest achievements of mankind. While any slip of paper can serve as a bookmark in a pinch, she believes that the best books deserve the finest adornment one can provide.

How can I reach you to discuss further details on a custom order?

Craftswoman Laramie Sasseville can be contacted by email:
or write:
Laramie Sasseville
1460 Sherburne Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104

or, in the Twin Cities area, call:


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