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Laramie Sasseville is a muliple-media artist residing in St Paul, Minnesota. Follow the links at the left to find:
  • Laramie Sasseville's Portfolio of Fantasy/SF Illustration: original drawings in pencils, ink and other media depicting images from the realm of imagination. Rapunzel's tower, flying horses, jhereg, aliens and more.

  • A Portfolio of Children's Illustrations for picture books, activities and more, including fairies and dancing maidens, aliens and a broomstick rider.

  • Dreamspell Images at CafePress.com: Mythic Images available on a variety of print-on-demand products, including postcards, prints, tshirts and more, from original designs by Laramie Sasseville

  • Sasseville's Portfolio of Digital Design work: web design, multimedia, animation, Flash, photo-repair, Logo and branding design.

  • JewelMarks: Fine-art, handcrafted jeweled bookmarks: fashioned from semi-precious stones and other fine materials, each a creation of unique character and artistic ingenuity

  • Stories by Laramie Sasseville, including the award-winning short story 'Survival,' a winner in the City Pages annual Fiction Contest (1986)

  • Original filk lyrics, another link in the filkers' Bardic Ring,

  • A Discordian Coloring Book: the online edition, and further links to CafePress.com/Sasseville, where the new, 2nd Print Edition of the coloring book is available for sale.

  • Laramie's LiveJournal: Oh, no: I've said too much.

Made August 10, 2005
by Laramie Sasseville