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Three Wishes / More Wishes / Wonder Guy / Spirited! / Clockwork Whalers / Love in the Land of Lakes
Team Guardian / Sweet Mercy / Safe Haven / Shining Hope

Tales of True Love's Enchantments

Tales From the Files of
the Fairy Godmothers' Union

Sometimes true love needs a little help. That's where the Fairy Godmothers' Union steps in. These stories are rated PG.

Granted Wishes
A collection of eight urban fantasy romance stories
More Wishes
A collection of four urban-fantasy romance stories
a magical romance
from the files of the Fairy Godmothers' Union

Granted Wishes
Available through Amazon

More Wishes
Available through Amazon Kindle

Wonder Guy

First published by Lyrical Press
available through Kensington Books, Amazon,

The Team Guardian Adventures

In a near future world, probability bombs have imbued hundreds of people with special powers. Not all of these people are law-abiding citizens. Team Guardian uses their powers to police the miscreants. Rated R for some sexy romance.

Sweet Mercy, Safe Haven and Shining Hope are now available, collected in a single volume:

Team Guardian

a Superhero Romance novella
Safe Haven:
A Team Guardian Adventure;Superhero romance
Shining Hope
The third Team Guardian Adventure, Superhero Romance

Safe Haven


Shining Hope


Naomi Stone
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